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Innovative Foaming Process Leads PLA Foams towards Industrialization

Foam packaging has always been a good option for the catering industry to cut costs. Against the background of carbon reduction and the plastic ban, bio-degradable materials with controllable costs are becoming the new option for manufacturers to provide suitable cups or containers for the public catering market.

PLA heat-resistant tableware will become more practical, and foaming is an effective approach to process PLA at low cost. The rise of E-PLA tableware begins to meet people's need for a quick meal, and dramatically stimulates the growth of the biodegradable plastic market.



Supercritical Extrusion Process Provides a Prerequisite for the Stable Production of PLA Foams


Extrusion foaming of polylactic acid (PLA) with supercritical carbon dioxide/nitrogen as its foaming agent highlights the steps to establish a stable extrusion process. The low melt strength of PLA plays a role in optimizing processing conditions. The excellent CO2 extrusion process and a unique modification formula not only improve the mechanical strength of PLA foams, but also  endow them with excellent colorfulness and printability, which makes PLA foams the perfect material for rigid food packaging.

The rigidity and good flavor and aroma resistance of PLA are the exact properties that rigid food packaging requires. Furthermore, they will reduce the production and processing cycle and costs, greatly lower the market price of packaging, and cater to consumers’ persuit for green consumption.


Extruded PLA Foam Sheets and Rolls Improve the Thermal Management and Impact Strength of Food Packaging


The production of PLA foams needs bio-based PLA, innovative PLA modification technology, and a high-technique foam sheet extrusion production line. The world's major PLA manufacturers will, through continuous innovative researches on and increasing investments in packaging materials, incorporate the large-scale production of PLA foams into the business line of environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, they will continue to study functional packaging materials to constantly meet people’s daily needs.


PLA Expanded Bead is an Upgraded Alternative to EPS Beads


PLA expanded beads, polymerized from lactic acid and purified lactide, are foamed into air-filled (98%) microbeads through supercritical CO2. They have the physical and mechanical properties similar to EPS beads, but with a better reputation and market than the latter. Compared with other materials, they have much lower carbon dioxide emissions, better insulation performance than EPS, and excellent molding shrinkage, which makes them perfectly suitable for molding parts and cutting products. Therefore, PLA expanded beads will be a drop-in alternative to EPS beads in hot food packaging, special packaging and bio-derived buffer fillers.



E-PLA Sheets Offer Greater Security to Buffer Packaging


PLA foam sheet extrusion process combination — PLA foam extrusion machinery, PLA foam sheet pressurized vacuum molding and heat-resistant foam sheet, and PLA antibacterial sheet and molding technology, can produce homogeneous PLA foams with excellent mechanical properties such as heat resistance, durability, insulation, cushioning, etc., which can replace traditional disposable products made of PS, PP or pulp. This cannot be achieved by traditional plastic foaming processes.


The Growing PLA Market


E-PLA material is a perfect option for companies looking for sustainable alternatives, which will reduce waste and environmental impact, and meet stringent performance standards at the same time. This market is gradually expanding in the global biodegradable field. Regarding the demand for biodegradable plastics across the globe, Europe ranks the first, accounting for 31%, while North America and China account for 28% and 20% respectively.


Interfoam China is a professional exhibition for the whole foam industrial chain in Asia, and is an international event that cannot be missed by the professionals from foam industry all around the world.

Interfoam China focuses on the latest production, technology & equipment, new techniques, new trend, and new application in foam industry, and spare no effort to provide a professional platform integrating technologies, trade, brand display, and academic exchanges for its upstream and downstream as well as vertical application industries, thus promoting industrial sustainability.

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