About Alliance

The Foamer Alliance is an online weekly magazine independently published by Interfoam. With disseminating information about foams through sharing links as its mission, The Foamer Alliance offers processionals original content about new technologies, new trend and new applications related to foams, and joins hands with experts to discuss hot topics. The target readers precisely cover researchers, scholars and elites from whole foam industrial chains.

With promoting technological progress and development of foams as its responsibility, The Foamer Alliance values originality, freshness, practicality, and reliability. It has obtained full and wide recognition from its readers thanks to its high academic level and rich content. Focusing on the high-quality development of whole foam industrial lines, The Foamer Alliance strikes a balance in meeting different needs of readers at all levels, thus becoming an influential self-media in foam industries.

Alliance Principles

Innovation, Practicality, Professionalism, Public-good, Connection, Sharing

Alliance Services

Original advertorial: provide eye-catching and high-quality original content for customers looking for foam materials, technologies, and vertical applications.

Media advertisements: provide precise advertising services and promote effective dissemination; refuse false advertising and embrace authenticity. Any company that is interested is welcome to contact us.

Contributions are welcome

If you have any creative content or new ideas, please don’t hesitate to contribute to the League and share them with others.

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