"Redefine Foams" The 2nd Foams and Application International Forum

Based on the theme of last forum—"Redefine Foams", this forum will, from the dimensions of sustainable development, academic research, technical innovation and exploration of vertical applications, discuss the innovation and development of foams and their vertical applications. The number of topics will reach 70, and the forum will be held on-line and off-line simultaneously.



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Expert Lecture

Famous experts, scholars and researchers will share the innovation and research progress and technical exploration of foaming materials, and make detailed interpretation and share for the four major foaming processes: extrusion, injection molding, autoclair, pressure reaction molding. You will have the opportunity to communicate with these industry masters face to face, and generate sparks and collisions of ideas

Theme: Expert Lecture


Sustainable Development

The topic of sustainable development focuses on the guidance of sustainable plan, carbon management, circular economy, social value, biodegradation, recycling and reuse. We will share and discuss the successful cases and solutions of some outstanding enterprises in the research of sustainable development


The innovation and development of foaming technologies


The development and innovation of the vertical applications of foam materials and products

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